About Polish Dream

We are a very small breeder in Australia but we breed for excellence. All our lines are imported from all over the world. We have wonderful breeding friends that help us keep our lines fresh and new. We breed for temperament, health and personality.

All our dogs are hip scored and live with us as part of the family.

Bernese are not for everyone, they need loads of attention, love and cuddles. An adult Berner will still try and sit on your lap at 55kg and they must be part of the family at all times. If you don’t have that sort of time, please consider anther breed. If you do have that sort of time, they get on with everyone and everything. Our Berners have outstanding temperament and grow up with cats and other animal family members. We also breed for longevity. One of our breeding buddies Melanie spends hours, days, weeks, months working out our next imports and breeding lines. We do not have many litters but what we do breed is very special and will be an amazing part of your family. If you’re looking for something really special, you need a Polish Dream Bernese.

Polish Dream Kennel

Our kennel currently consists of the following dogs

Guccio Gucci Von Romanshof

Male born 07/03/13

This is the boy that started it all. My husband and I fell in love with the breed and Trey Von Romanshof to me was the most handsome Berner I had ever seen. I contacted the breeder in Poland (Beata Pluta) and she kindly allowed me to bring him into Australia. Our journey had begun. It would be over 12 months until by baby boy arrived in Australia. During his time in Europe Guccio completed in many shows and won many competitions from Poland to Romania. Before he left for Australia he was already titled. Since then Gucci has taken out multiple Best of Breeds and it well on his way to Australian Champion. This is Gucci before he left Poland as a puppy and at about 9 months of age. Gucci has the most loving warm and sweet nature. A big marshmallow. You could not find a better temperament if you tried in a stud boy.

Howzebern RITZY Guccio's Girl (GG)

Female born 08/06/2014

During the process of importing Guccio I met an amazing breeder in South Australia, Kerry Howlett. Kerry was also importing a boy from Europe and we shared the ups and downs of the process. What a roller coaster ride it was. From Kerry’s first litter she allowed us to have GG (Named Guccio’s Girl). GG is from the most stunning lines from both Europe and Australia. GG also has a truly loving and gentle nature, she just gets on with everyone and everything. Cheekier than Gucci, but that is girls. GG has stunning bone and markings.

Howzebern Absolutley Fabulous

Born 11/12/2014

Abbey, short for Absolutely Fabulous and that she is. Again from Kerry Howlett’s imported boy, I took one look at this puppy and begged Kerry to let me have her. Simply stunning and she knows it. At the tender age of 6 months she was winning Best of Breed against dogs much older than her. Stunning bone, markings this girl

DEja Vu Von Romanshof

Born 19/01/2016

Deja Vu, Yes it is. We are Importing another boy from Poland and he due to arrive early 2017. This dog was love at first sight and we couldn't say no when kindly offer to me.

Deja Vu is critial to our next line of breding. His impectable blood line, free from cancer, heart disease and DM. He wil be a future stud boy for our kennel.